2017 Tata Hexa Review

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2017 Tata Hexa – The Hexa has been announced by Tata back in 2015 but the car has yet to be released to the general public. This is because, in Delhi, the Indian authorities decided to ban diesel cars displacing over 2000cc which makes the engine of the Hexa problematic as it is over that capacity. Tata decided to keep the release on hold in order to see if they can solve this issue. So far the ban is not all that critical as it is only in the Delhi area but it could become nationwide and it would then become a huge problem for the company.

2017 Tata Hexa 1

The details

So far it seems that the new 2017 Tata Hexa might be released by the end of the year with a few modifications from what it was originally advertised. The car’s platform is the same as that of the Aria which has been released a while ago. However, unlike its close sibling, the Hexa looks a lot more muscular and that should help its sales quite a bit. Its price hasn’t been made official by Tata so far but it seems it will start at INR1,3 million and it will go to as much as INR1,8 million. This is pretty much where its competitors are so it should have no problem outselling them if Tata actually manages to release the car.

2017 Tata Hexa 3


The new 2017 Tata Hexa looks a lot more like a modern crossover with muscular lines that run across its sides. The front end is quite unique as well with a V-shaped grille and angled headlights. Both its grille and the bumper air intake feature big honeycomb mesh grilles while the fog lamps continue to the triangular design we noted above. The back is a bit more conventional. Here the design is still angular and offers a rather mature look. However, Tata also manages to offer a hint of sportiness with the blacked out B, C, and D-pillars which do offer the floating roof effect everyone wants these days. They also added a dual exhaust system which complements its design really nicely.

2017 Tata Hexa Interior

The cabin of the Hexa looks just as good as its exterior. For starters, there are six standard seats on the base model. These are arranged in a 2+2+2 configuration where the two front rows of seats offer captain chairs with multiple ways of adjusting. The end result is a really comfortable crossover which could easily be mistaken with an MPV inside the cabin. Triple-zone automatic climate control comes as standard which is rather surprising while the touch-screen that controls the infotainment system is being offered on the base model as well. Things like ABS, EBD, and ESP are also standard and for the first time on a crossover in this class, the Hexa will offer three different driving modes.

2017 Tata Hexa 2


The 2017 Tata Hexa was planned to be released with a 2.2 liter turbocharged diesel with 154 horsepower and 400 Nm of torque. This would have been more than enough to meet the demands of its customers. However, due to the ban on diesel engines larger than 2 liters, Tata will have to sort something out. So far they didn’t release any official statements but it seems that a new engine might be in the works. We expect a slightly smaller than 2 liter turbocharged inline 4 diesel which should make a very similar amount of power to the older 2.2-liter unit. A 6-speed manual gearbox has been confirmed for the Hexa and it seems that the first models might be rear wheel drive only. However, rumors also suggested that a four-wheel drive system with three differentials should be offered as an option for those wanting some extra off-road prowess.

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