2017 Tesla Model X Price, Update, News, Design

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The Model X is Tesla’s third model to hit the market and the first all-electric crossover with an actual usable range. The car has been in development for a very long time mostly due to Tesla having problems with its really unique design. Luckily they managed to overcome all the problems and the car is finally here. Launched last year, the car already received a small update to the 2017 Tesla Model X. This doesn’t feature any massive changes over the 2016 model but it does come with a few tweaks. These are meant to make it a better daily car and also slightly better quality with the help of the quality control tweaks Tesla managed to do.

2017 Tesla Model X 1

2017 Tesla model x price

With this small update, Tesla will also be offering the car in Europe. The price will be quite similar for all markets where Tesla is officially present. In the US the car will cost between $81,000 for a basic model and more than $110,000 for the top end version.

Chassis and running gear

Just like with the Model S, the X features most of its actual powertrain installed in a “skateboard-like” platform. This includes the batteries, electric motors, and all the usual auxiliaries. This also means that there is plenty of space on top it which allows the rather normal Model X to feature a lot more space inside the cabin than its competitors. It also features a lower center of gravity than most cars in its class which should help tremendously with high-speed performance.

2017 Tesla Model X 2

Engine and range

Being based on the same chassis as the Model S, the 2017 Tesla Model X features a very similar layout to it. The base model features two 259 horsepower electric motor, one in the front and one in the rear. Thanks to them, Tesla can offer a really complex torque vectoring system. Also, thanks to the fact it has a really low center of gravity it drives considerably better than the competition. Unlike many of the older electric cars, the Model X 75D features up to 238 miles of all-electric range. The best part about it is the fact that it can be charged from 0 to around 80% in as little as 30 minutes which is very impressive.

2017 Tesla Model X 82017 Tesla Model X 12

The higher performance P90D features the same 259 horsepower electric motor in the front. However, at the back, it features a 503 horsepower and an even larger range of 250 miles. The lower end 90D offers 257 miles of range. This means that no matter what engine the car is configured with, it will easily be more than enough for most people. In terms of performance, the Model X doesn’t lack oomph. The top end P90D can hit 60 MPH in just 3.3 seconds which is faster than even the X6 M.

Interior and exterior design

The 2017 Tesla Model X certainly looks unique. In order to achieve that great electric range, Tesla had to get clever. For starters, the car has a teardrop shape which allows it to have a drag coefficient of just 0.24. This is better than any other crossover on the market. At the front, it is quite reminiscent of the Model S but its rear is completely new. It features a large hatch which also includes an active spoiler. The trademark of the car are the two rear doors which open upwards, similar to the gull-wing doors on the Mercedes 300SL.

2017 Tesla Model X Interior

Its cabin is just as impressive as everything else on the car. Like with its older sibling, the car features a large 17-inch touchscreen which acts as its control center. The seats are the distinctive part about it because it offers four individual bucket seats and as well as a bench seat for the third row.

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