2018 Mercedes GLT Pickup Truck Price

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Ever since Mercedes stated back in March 2015 that they would build a truck, everyone got excited about it. After waiting more than a year without any official details or even pictures, some photographers managed to grab a few shots of a prototype which seems to be the upcoming 2018 Mercedes GLT Pickup Truck. Even though the name is still not official, many people suggested this name because it would perfectly match Mercedes’ nomenclature. We are quite sure at this point that the future GLT will be released as a competitor for the VW Amarok which is the only other premium truck out there. The actual release date is unknown at this point. However, the truck is expected to hit the market in late 2017. Its price will vary according to where it will be sold. However, it seems that it may cost as little as $30,000 in its cheapest form.

2018 Mercedes GLT Pickup Truck 11

Platform and running gear

The GLT will definitely be based on the exact same platform as the latest Navara NP300. Even the development mule used the body of the Navara, so that’s a given. The running gear is likely going to be tweaked for the Mercedes and its engines might be unique to it. However, while it will be based on the Navara and it will feature the same four-wheel drive system, the GLT will be wider than it.

2018 Mercedes GLT Pickup Truck 10

2018 Mercedes GLT Pickup Truck Design

The extra width of the upcoming 2018 Mercedes GLT Pickup Truck became apparent ever since the first spy shots were released. The truck features much wider wheel arches which are not only there to accommodate wider tires. We suspect that Mercedes went on this route in order to make it more stable at higher speeds and also offer slightly more room inside the cabin. So far the development mule is nothing but a wider Navara. However, the production version of the truck will likely have quite a bit in common with cars like the GLC. We expect it to have the usual Mercedes front end with the large grille. Its rear should also be tweaked in order to offer a slightly more upmarket feel than that of the regular Navara.

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Like with any other Mercedes on the market, the GLT should feature a very impressive interior. The truck will most likely share quite a few parts with some of the other Mercedes cars out there. We expect it to be a bit more utilitarian than the usual Mercedes but still quite well equipped. At this point, it seems that it may receive a similar design to that of the Metris van but with a slightly better equipment level. The actual design will be released closer to the truck’s official launch.

Engines and transmission

So far there hasn’t been any type of information regarding what engines the 2018 Mercedes GLT Pickup Truck is going to use. We do expect the truck to get its own engines instead of those found on the Navara. Depending on the market of choice it may be offered in four or six cylinders models. Our best bet would be that there will be a small 2 liter turbocharged petrol engine as the base model. Further up the range, Mercedes’ own 2.2 liters turbocharged diesel should also be made available. These should easily be capable of making between 170 and 240 horsepower. A larger 3 liter turbocharged V6 engine is also a real possibility here, especially now when the truck will be wider. These should be mated either to a six-speed manual gearbox or to a seven-speed automatic. In any case, and unlike the Navara, Mercedes should offer the truck with a standard four-wheel drive system.

2018 Mercedes GLT Pickup Truck 2

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