2019 Audi Pickup Rumors And Review

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There was one pickup that we wanted to write about for quite some time but we didn’t dare to do it since there was absolutely no information about it. However, some speculations appeared on the Web. Although this is not the official information, we just couldn’t wait more. 2019 Audi Pickup won’t be released soon but it should change things on the European pickup truck market once it is launched. Unfortunately, you shouldn’t take this article to the bank. In the following months we will either confirm or deny some details written here and this is all we have for now.



There are several manufacturers from both Europe and the US that announced launching their pickup trucks. The most interesting among them is all-electric pickup coming from Tesla. We’re not sure when this truck should be released and probably not even Elon Musk knows. There are some speculations that even BMW will launch a pickup. However, there no available information about it and we’ll write a review as soon as something is published. The very first of those trucks to hit the market is 2017 Canyon Denali manufactured by GMC. It is going to hit the market in the following six months. New pickup coming from Audi will mostly compete against them for its share of the market. Let’s take a look how this truck might look like.

2019 Audi Pickup Design

Rumors tell us that 2019 Audi Pickup is going to be based on Volkswagen Amarok. Modifications would be minimal and it can take some features after Q7 SUV. The Q7 is the closest vehicle to a pickup in Audi’s lineup thus it’s expected these two are going to share lots of features. Some of them should be a hexagonal grille and headlights. However, grille might be a little taller than the Q7, something it can take from Amarok. Audi’s pickup may have a chrome sports bar in the bed which has become popular again. Mid-size trucks manufactured by GMC and Chevy have this feature. The rear part should resemble Amarok’s, only taillights are getting a new design.

2019 Audi Pickup 1

Interior Review

In our expectation, the interior of the 2019 Audi Pickup will have leather-wrapped seats and wooden trim pieces. Audi MMI infotainment system is a must and it may have Audi’s Virtual Cockpit. Rear seats are likely to have foldable armrest but it is not certain whether seats will be foldable as well. Thanks to air vents and HVAC controls rear passengers will feel quite convenient at the back. In general, the cabin will take after Amarok’s cabin. The biggest difference should be the technology used inside the vehicle since Audi will use the infotainment system it developed.


Engine and Performance

Amarok has a 3.0-liter TDI six-cylinder under the hood but, naturally, Audi is going to use an engine from its own lineup. If they don’t develop a new unit for the 2019 Audi Pickup the best candidate to power up this truck is a 3.0-liter TFSI six-cylinder. This engine is used in the latest Q7 and it delivers 333 hp and 325 pound-feet of torque. The Q7 is coupled with 8-speed Triptonic automatic gearbox and four-wheel driving system. Allegedly, the pickup should have these two features as well. Estimated top speed is 145 mph while estimated 0-60 time is 6 seconds. On the other hand, Audi may develop a new engine until 2019 but we can’t guess its performance.


Audi Q7 SUV

Release Date and Price

There is certain estimation about price as well. According to several experts, the 2019 Audi Pickup should cost slightly more than Amarok. This means it can reach $45,000, but not more than that. However, the release date is still far away and things may change until then. You should expect this pickup to hit the market in 2019, right in time to compete with Tesla Pickup Truck.

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