2019 Tesla Minivan News, Price, Design

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Tesla together with its CEO Elon Musk has set its sights on dominating the entire car market. This can’t be done with only a few models, and people in Tesla are more than aware of this. They have a luxury sedan, compact sedan on the way, the crossover and they are planning on full-size SUV and a pickup truck at that. That’s not all folks; they are planning on adding a minivan in their range of vehicles. Yes, the expansion of demand for crossover has taken its toll on minivan sales, but many families still depend on their minivans and are always looking for new and improved versions the of their favorite brands. Tesla is planning on entering this market with theirs 2019 Tesla Minivan, that don’t have a code name just yet.

Main reason why people in Tesla believe in the success of their minivan compared to the competition, is that because of their battery pack and small and compact electric motors they would offer more room inside and more cargo space at the back.

Exterior design of 2019 Tesla Minivan

The front end of the car would be the easier part to design. It would have standard tesla appearance, their already established look with letter T on a front grill. The platform on which they are going to build it is the platform of the X model or maybe from the upcoming Y. They would just have to make it a little longer to fit the minivan chassis on it. Tesla model X is something most similar to a minivan that tesla has, they would just have to extend it, and lose the falcon doors. Instead, they would put the sliding ones.



Design, in general, is what Tesla people, both those who manufacture it and the ones that use the product, are most proud of. That’s why interior design and equipment used on their minivan would have to be of the highest quality. Actually, it will be like that because that is what Tesla strives for. Fully digitalized interior, infotainment system of latest generation, the large touchscreen will come as an inevitable part of the Tesla interiors. The autopilot will come on premium trims, as well will all kinds of the hi-tech features. It will be able to take in up to seven passengers, and because the battery pack is on the floor it will give the more head and legroom to all of them.



Just like any other Tesla, the 2019 Tesla Minivan would be an electric vehicle. A variety of batteries would enable Tesla’s minivan to be offered in quite a few versions. P90D is not one of them because there is no need for a minivan to reach the speeds of Tesla Model S. The ones that would find itself on the plate are the 60D, 75D, and 90D. 90D is the exactly one being used on the Tesla model X.


60D would be offered on the base model, and its range is 200 miles with top speed 130mph. We should mention that it can go from 0-60 in six seconds. 75 D would cost more but in return, it would offer 237 miles of range. Other specs would remain the same. Topping the lineup would be the 90D which offers 257 miles of range, and goes from0-60 in 4.8 seconds.

2019 Tesla Minivan Price and release date

2019 Tesla Minivan’s price would be slotted in between of the prices of Model 3 and Model S. Lower battery option, 60D, would be in the region of $45.000 while the top end 90D with standard equipment included would go up to $68.000. With adding additional equipment prices will only go higher. The release date is nowhere near to even being scheduled. Before the Tesla’s minivan hits the market we will witness Tesla Model 3, their truck and maybe something else. After you start seeing one of these on the streets in regular intervals, you may well look up for Tesla’s minivan.

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