2017 Toyota 4Runner Price Release Date

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Released in 2009, the current 4Runner is not exactly the newest crossover out there. Despite that, it still sells reasonably well thanks to its rugged design and really dependable engine. Unfortunately, Toyota might change that with the 2018 version but until then, the 2017 Toyota 4Runner is set to become the best version so far. With this new model year, Toyota will be releasing a new trim level and minor changes inside and out.

2017 Toyota 4Runner 1

2017 Toyota 4Runner RELEASE DATE AND PRICE

However, don’t expect anything too dramatic as this update is also going to be its last. With it, the prices for the new car might increase slightly. This means that the new base model could cost $35,000 while the top end Limited could go as far as $47,000. These increase in price would allow Toyota to offer more gear all around. Also, some previous optional extras will be offered as standard on the top end versions. The 2017 model will likely become available in showrooms by the end of the year and it will be available for roughly a year before being completely replaced. Even though they haven’t said a word about it, a special edition TRD version might get released. This would be built in a limited number of cars and it would be offered at a special price point.

2017 Toyota 4Runner 3


Let’s now take a final look at the design of the upcoming 2017 Toyota 4Runner. As we mentioned above, not much will change about the design of the car. Many criticized it for being too childish and we can’t really disagree. The car has a rather interesting front end with a lot of air intakes. The 2017 model will likely be pretty much identical with the only differences being a new shield for the front bumper. At the back and even its profile will be carried over unchanged. The TRD Pro version of the car is expected to get a new color scheme as well as a new set of wheels but that’s pretty much it.

2017 Toyota 4Runner 5


Don’t expect too much from its interior either. While on the outside the new 4Runner will receive minor upgrades, its cabin will be identical to the one before it. The dashboard, instrument cluster, infotainment system and massive amount of buttons will be present here as well. However, all models of the car will receive minor improvements such as more standard features and all the usual safety equipment now being installed across the range.


The old 4 liters naturally aspirated V6 will also return. This engine has been around since 2002 and it employs technologies like port-fuel injection and an all aluminum build. Despite that, it is quite capable of its 270 horsepower and 278 lb-ft of torque. The latter is available at 4,400 rpm with more than 80% being offered as low as 2,000 rpm. This makes the old V6 a great companion for towing stuff around and for going in off-road where it doesn’t need to be revved as high as a newer V6. The old 5 speed automatic will also make a return for the 2017 Toyota 4Runner. While not that fast, the gearbox is smooth and it perfectly matches the lazy-revving 4 liter V6. Many of us hoped for a diesel or even a turbocharged application. However, this is highly unlikely and even the upcoming version of the car might be missing such an engine. The 4-liter engine will return 17 MPG in the city and just 21 MPG on the highway which makes it one of the least efficient engines currently on the market. This is also the main reason why it has to go even though many people love its reliability.

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2017 toyota 4runner 1

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