Tesla Model P 2019 – Another Tesla’s Game Changer

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Recently, rumors about Tesla pickup truck have become reality. Tesla Model P 2019 maybe? Who knows? Elon Musk announced that Tesla would manufacture trucks, buses and almost any other thing that moves on wheels. After this statement, lots of people started to guess how will the truck look, what it will be its name, what kind of battery will it use, how powerful will it be, etc. Musk also said that the letter naming of cars would not be a practice in the future. This made a lot of people thinking about a name for new Tesla truck. With this said the truck definitely won’t be called Tesla Model P, or Model T which is already taken by Ford (and after an earlier dispute about Model E, now named Tesla Model 3, they won’t get into a war of words and lawsuits with Ford).

2019 Tesla Model P


Regardless of what Mr. Musk said, we are going to call this model Tesla Model P. Name just kind of goes with Tesla. After a lot of talks, and now official confirmation, let’s take a look how could new truck look and who will be its competitors. Main competitors for Tesla pickup would be Ford, GM and RAM in the States and from across the ocean BMW and Mercedes. Both of the German giants already started to work on their pickups. Mercedes currently holds the lead, with its truck already been spied testing.
In the USA the pickup market is already being dominated by the big three. So it’s safe to assume that Tesla Pickup, in it’s entering stages, will be directly aimed at the F-150, Silverado and the RAM 1500. That’s why the size and the design of the truck should be on pair with these three.



First, and most importantly, the size. Size would be the thing that would customers first look at. Tesla’s truck won’t miss anything in the exterior design, but it’s too early to speculate about final looks. Some of these renderings could be close in looks compared to the final product but we can’t possibly know that at this moment. It will be like nothing  seen before, but for pickup market, it would have to stay at least a little bit conventional. If to compete with F-150 and similar trucks it would have to be offered in regular cab, as in four-door and extended cab. It would definitely have to offer more than just one. In terms of cargo space, it would have to have at least minimum 5.5 feet for basic and to offer at least another one – 7 feet option.

2019 Tesla Model P 1


In Tesla’s arsenal, there is currently no battery option that could Power Tesla Model P 2019 . Battery’s used on the Model S, and Model X and the ones that are going to be used on the Tesla Model 3 are just not enough. Battery pack used on the Tesla Pickup should be made in a way that could mimic other trucks performance. After stating this it should have the performance of a V-8 engine, that has 400hp and at least 380 lb-ft. Towing capacity should go up to 10,000 pounds, and its cargo should be able to accept a load of at least 3,000 pounds. 4×4 capability should be included as a standard equipment.
The range would be the most important part of any pickup because they are mainly being used in off-road conditions. You don’t want to be left with an empty battery in the middle of nowhere. That’s why battery used on the Tesla Model P 2019 should be at least able to hold out for 150 miles while being fully loaded. How will Tesla be able to produce these numbers, remains to be seen.

Tesla Model P 

Tesla Model P 2019 Price and Release date

There are two things that we know about the release date of Tesla Model P. First one is that we actually don’t know when will it be available. The second one is that it definitely won’t be out before 2018. Tesla Model 3 is Tesla’s next big thing, and Model 3 is due to be out by 2018. Tesla Model P will be more talked after that has happened. Price wise, it’s hard to estimate how much will it cost, because we don’t know how much will it cost Mr. Musk to manufacture it. But, if they want to fight the competition they will have to slot Tesla Model P 2019 in the region of 30,000$ – 40,000$. Truck owners are probably going to be ready to pay up to 10,000$ more for an electric truck, because of the expected savings made for using the electric truck in place of the petrol one.

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