2017 Ford Falcon Ute Rumors

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The last model of the Falcon Ute has been made on the 29th of July this year and it marked the end of an era. In its place, Ford will continue to sell the Ranger which is being made in Thailand and imported in Australia. The truck sells better than the UTE as it is usually cheaper, a lot more capable and also roomier. However, despite that, it didn’t stop people from starting rumors about a 2017 Ford Falcon Ute.

These rumors mostly started because not that long ago people in the US started to talk about a new Ranchero. This would be built on the same platform as the Fusion, a highly modular front-wheel drive platform, and it would also underpin the Falcon Ute. At this point, there is still no word on the actual release date of the car or if it will ever be released but it is safe to assume that if the US model will, the Australian version will definitely follow shortly.

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While it may seem like an odd choice, the front wheel drive chassis would make a lot of sense. It would clear up a lot of space in its bed and it should also allow for a design more in line with Ford’s other current offerings. With the new platform, the car would also be able to use a new independent suspension system which would definitely improve the way the Falcon Ute would handle on the road.

2017 Ford Falcon Ute


Last year renderings about a new Ranchero started to surface which made many people wonder about a future 2017 Ford Falcon Ute. Well, considering Ford’s current lineup and the fact that the Ute would be front wheel drive, it is safe to assume it would share a lot with the Mondeo. In fact, considering that the two would share the same platform, the Ute would basically be the pickup version of the Mondeo with a slightly longer wheelbase. Due to it, a four-door Ute might be designed which would solve a lot of the problems of the original without compromising on anything.


Because the car is just a rumor we can’t say much about its interior. However, considering the usual low price-tag of a Ute and the fact that the Mondeo would fit the bill just perfectly, the two might share the dashboard and most of the equipment. However, the Ute would definitely offer slightly lower-grade materials as well as fewer features for the top end models.

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One of the biggest griefs with the Falcon was its engine which was an old piece of technology in today’s world. Thanks to the fact the 2017 Ford Falcon Ute would be based on the front-wheel-drive platform of the Mondeo, we can expect it to be offered with diesel engines as well. Our best bet would go on Ford’s 2 liters turbocharged diesel which can easily make between 150 and 200 horsepower which is more than enough for a Ute. On top of this diesel, the car should also get one or more petrol engines. Currently, there are a few available units in Ford’s roster but considering its intended purpose, the new Falcon Ute may receive engines as small as the 1.5 liter EcoBoost. On top of this engine, a 2 liter, or even a 2.3 liter, EcoBoost inline 4 should become available. Currently, this type of engine makes in different Ford models between 200 and 330 horsepower, for the larger 2.3-liter unit. A 6-speed manual should be offered as standard while an automatic, most likely a 6 speed, should also be offered as an option. For the first time on the Ute, an all wheel drive system would also be a real possibility.

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