10 Creative and Unique Gift Ideas for Car Lovers

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Choosing a present can be hard, especially if you are not good at it. This is not a shame since many people are not very good at this, and will seek some help when picking gifts; this can be a simple question: What do you want or need? Or it can be research and asking friends to ask friends what so they want. If you know this person has a passion for cars and wants to surprise them, it is good to get them something unique they will remember you by. If you are in search of fresh ideas, see into our list and get the present that you will be proud of.

1. Driving gloves

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A pair of good, leather gloves are never out of style, especially if that someone is so into driving. This gift will give the better grip of the steering wheel and take the driving of the car into the whole new dimension. Be sure to get the proper size of the gloves, so getting too big or too small is not an option since it will ruin the whole feeling. There are models that allow the gloves to be smaller and reduce in size on the wrists, so be sure to get those if you are not sure about the size.

2. Car model

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If you know which car is the one favorite, you can get them a car model. They come in different sizes and shapes, as well as materials so be mindful about it as well. You can get a few little ones and make a collection, or get one big one. Legos cars can also be interesting to give as a present, so this can be considered.

3. Nourish Kit

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A kit that has few different oils and polishing rags can be an excellent gift; especially if there are different materials in the car. You can pick the oils in accordance with the materials, so the ones for wood, leather, and plastics. A kit like this will be highly appreciated by the one that is getting it.

4. Car magazine subscription

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Car lovers not only love their car, but they do love to be informed about the new models; the best way to stay updated is to get a favorite car magazine. This is a very original thing to give to someone since the gifts will arrive all year long. In addition to this, you can consider a manual or a book about the favorite brand or models.

5. Charger

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Running all around can get anyone in the situation that their phone is not charged. There is an easy fix to this since in many cars you can use a specific port to charge the phone, using a special connecting device. This is very practical and there is no driver that would not appreciate having this. 

6. Driving shoes

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It should be careful with this due to the size, but if this person is a close friend you will be able to get the info about the size. Leather loafers will be a perfect thing to drive in, since they are so comfortable for the foot, making an excellent grip to the paddles and they are breathable reducing the chances of perspiration; making a ride a truly heavenly experience.

7. Custom made registration plates

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If you know that the person you are getting a gift not satisfied by the number of plates that they have, you might want to consider getting them a custom made number plates. This can be an amazing gift, just be sure that this is okay to do when it comes to the law in the country you live in.

There are a lot of number plate makers that can be used to make custom ones, but number1plates.com will provide you with the thing that you want, customized to the extent you want and need. They are specialized in making registration plates and they will make the one you want.

8. Driving sunglasses

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A good pair of sunglasses is not just an accessorize, but they protect the eyes from the UV rays that are penetrating the windshield and will decrease the chances of glare. When it comes to the glasses, see to get the ones that have good protection from the UV rays. In addition to this, be sure to match the sunglasses with the style of the one that you are buying them for. If, the one you are getting the glasses for has a prescription and cannot see good when it comes to the very far objects consider to chance the gift, since it may happen that they cannot use them.

9. USB cable

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A car USB that can be used for many things depending on the car, of course. From charging the device when the battery is low, to the connection of the device to the built system of the car. This particular small thing can do so much, and it can be beneficial to the one that is going to get it as a present. Be sure to get the one with multiple ends, so regular Android, C-type and iPhone can be connected to the car.

10. Pocket knife

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Everyone needs a good pocket knife; not only that it has a knife that can get handy when something needs to be opened, but it will have scissors and screwdrivers that are needed in some cases. Especially in the car, having a small screwdriver and a few tools on the pocket knife can come in handy in many situations. So this can be an excellent thing to give since you can be sure that it will be used.


We hope that you now know what to get to someone who adores cars. There are so many things on the market, from car models and care kits to different gadgets that can be bought. Number plates that are custom made by plates makers are a very unique thing to buy; as well as some other accessories. We wish you a successful gift hunt. 




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