Everything You Need To Know About Big Brake Kits in 2023

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It is critical to have good brakes incorporated into your car. Besides preventing your car from irreversible harm, it will also safeguard occupants from any adverse consequences.

If you go around and ask a person about which set of brakes or brake kits they would prefer for their car, they will stare at you dumbfounded. There are very few non-car owners who are aware of the fact that more than one kind of brake is available. Sadly, a lot of car owners would fit inside that list very easily as well.

We are here to tell you that this is not the truth at all. The kind of brakes that are usually used by every automobile company is known as stock brakes. One of the most popular variations that stands an excellent chance at defeating these brakes is the Big Brake Kits. The latter is the topic of our conversation today.

What are the Big Brake Kits?

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As the name covers it, Big Brake Kits are a kit that includes items like rotors, calipers, brake pads, brake fluid, brake lines, sensors, fittings, and a few more that act as an up-gradation to a usual braking system. It is usually installed in racing cars, but you can also use it in your regular vehicle. One of its prime advantages is that it stops a car faster than any stock brakes. Check here to know more.

These kits perform better than the usual ones

One of the most important features of this kit is that it is ‘big.’ That is to say, if you install these kits, it will increase the circumference of the rotor region. As a result, it enhances the ‘stopping power’ of the braking system and allows a more efficient process.

In simple terms, with Big Braking Kits, you get access to larger pads and a larger area for the rotors. Hence, when you hit the brakes, the pads have a wider circumference to hold onto, which, in turn, creates more friction.

They have an aesthetic appeal to them

When you invest in a Big Brake Kit, you will find that, unlike stock brakes, they add to the appearance of your car. Since it is mostly used by sports car owners, it gives a sporty look to your car.

Though aesthetics is not the main reason why people opt for one of these kits, it sure acts as a supplementary motivation for purchasing a Big Brake Kit.

You need to be cautious about the balance

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Countless individuals have attempted to save money by upgrading the brakes on just one of the two axles. Regrettably, that is not how it works. This causes an uneven braking pressure imbalance which can be quite dangerous. You don’t want to end up skidding off the street only to spare a couple of dollars. If you’re considering installing larger rotors, please ensure you do it on either axle.

Do they require maintenance?

These are much different from stock brakes in terms of appearance, performance, and the total amount of parts it includes. No rule says Big Brake Kits require more maintenance than stock brakes, but it will be better if you remain a little more careful with the former. Since these come with several pieces of equipment, if one of them malfunctions, you might be required to replace the whole system. It is significantly harder to locate the individual parts for different models.

Therefore, despite not being compulsory, it would be advisable for you to ensure that your car receives maintenance at least twice a year.

A few things for you to consider before you get the Big Brake Kit

As we have already established, Big Brake Kits are quite famously known for their good looks. They would appear ravishing under a pair of customized wheels. Therefore, it can be very enticing to get your car a set of BBKs as soon as you come across a nice match.

Anyway, there are a few parameters that you must take into account before you purchase a kit.

The number of pistons does not speak for its performance

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If you put more effort into appearance, then you have to admit that the calipers that come with six or more pistons make a better-looking brake kit than that of a piston with four or fewer pistons. However, as we know, aesthetics cannot be the deciding factor here.

Hence, you must keep in mind the kind of balance your vehicle’s brakes offer before you install fancy calipers to the axles. Installing powerful brakes before first identifying the proper brake equilibrium might destabilize the ratio and result in performance issues.

Can your tires adjust to a Big Brake Kit?

These kits happen to be much larger than the usual brake system in size. Therefore, it won’t be unusual to find that your wheels are unable to adjust to a Big Brake Kit.

There can be nothing sadder than buying a kit only to find that it doesn’t fit your vehicle. So, before you set for a store, note down the size and the other specifics of your vehicle as well as your wheels.

Another option could be to upgrade your tires first and then go for a Big Brake Kit. That way, size won’t come in the way. In either case, you must be careful about the specifics of the brakes and your tires.

Switch to a fitting set of brake pads and brake fluid

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It would be useless for you to gather all the mentioned equipment if you fail to switch to the accurate brake fluid. It would be prudent to consult your mechanic concerning which brake fluid would be suitable for you in reference to your kit and your driving frequency.

If you find yourself going out with the car pretty regularly and that too on a tough track, it would be fitting for you to change to a fluid that has a higher boiling point. In that scenario, you might want to shift to brake pads that can support high friction as well.

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