Why Truck Fans Are Going Wild For These 2019 Pickups

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The market for pickup trucks is one of the most competitive and brash in the automotive world, and the release of new nameplates and redesigns at auto shows around America are always some of the most eagerly anticipated car events of the year. This year is no different, with some big-name trucks seeing completely new redesigns.

Some of the hottest buzz on popular automotive websites like KijijiAutos.ca has been generated by the widespread interest in the new standards that this generation of trucks might set. With ambitious redesign plans and a host of new features, these trucks represent the best in contemporary design and engineering. And while its not clear yet whether these new features will translate into higher performance, here are some of the new 2019 pickups that are already making waves.   

Chevrolet Silverado

The 2019 Chevy Silverado is one of the most hotly anticipated new trucks this season, and it is getting pickup fans across North America excited for good reason. The 2019 model features a complete redesign of this American classic, and the latest Silverado has both a higher profile and a roomier cab than earlier versions. It is also lighter, more fuel efficient, and provides a more sophisticated, elegant driving experience. For those who find the new Silverado compelling but want something slightly more up-market, the GMC Sierra is the Silverado’s mechanical twin, but it features a more sumptuous cabin.

Ram 1500

Like the Silverado, the new Ram 1500 has seen a complete redesign. The new Ram features best in class V8 towing, the largest in-cabin touch screen media center on the market, and a roomy, luxurious interior that features high quality materials and craftsmanship, from real wood and leather detailing to expanded leg room and under seat storage for the rear seats. The new Ram is receiving accolades for its power and versatility, and is seen as being a serious contender for best-in-class overall for 2019.

Ford F-150 Raptor

When it comes to trucks, the F-150 has for generations been the undisputed king of the North American market. Despite the fact that Ford has faced major challenges in other areas of its production line (it’s decision to stop producing most of the cars in its line-up has had industry insiders scratching their heads) it’s been able to hang onto its coveted first-place spot through constant innovation and a hunger for improvement. The 2019 Raptor is a case-in-point. The Raptor is Ford’s off-road F-150 variant, and the new model delivers remarkable handling and a suspension system that makes it a surprisingly comfortable ride, even when bumping through a field. In particular, fans are excited to see how the new Raptor compares to close rivals like the Toyota Tacoma, which is challenging it on its own turf.

As automotive companies start their model rollouts in time for the holiday shopping season, truck fans are sure to be keeping an eye out for these pulse-pounding new models. Only a lucky handful have had the chance to test drive any of these new vehicles themselves, but with so many new features and exciting redesigns, these nameplates are already making waves.    


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