Best School Bus Camper Conversions 2023

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True adventurers can’t imagine living in one place and the dull everyday life where nothing happens. Unfortunately, not all of us can live the way we want. However, some people have figured out how to make their lives an uninterrupted journey. How? Simple – they took matters into their own hands and decided to make a camper or even their dream home from an old school bus.

House On Wheels

Are you thinking of an adventurous lifestyle? Maybe you’re tired of your daily routine and want to try something different? Want to make eternal travel and fun out of your life? It’s possible. Try a home on wheels that you can make from an old school bus. Although for most people this may sound very unusual and even eccentric – more and more people around the world are opting for this way of living – so one can comfortably say that their home is where their skoolie is parked.

The New Trend Of Life

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People around the world are increasingly choosing to spend their lives in a small apartment or a small house. Some people even went one step further and decided to build their home out of a bus. Such people, with the help of imagination and creativity, made this vehicle their home and made their dream come true. These kinds of decisions are most often made by younger people – primarily because of the high cost of living in a standard home.

However, there is also a desire for simplicity and a return to nature. They have maximized their creativity as they manage to make relatively small spaces very functional thanks to their good ideas. So everything in the house has its place and serves some purpose.

What Does Bus Life Look Like?

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When you look inside – you never would have thought you were on the bus because everything looks like a real home. You have everything from a fully equipped kitchen, living room to bedroom and bathroom. Mobile homes like these have everything you need – a stove, fridge, corner sofa in the living room, bedroom, etc.

Some owners have even installed solar panels on the roof. Of course, you may not have too much privacy here – but you have to admit that you would be happy to spend at least some time in such an unusual house that can travel.

A good guide on how to live in a skoolie, as well as tips on how to make good, quality and affordable conversions, can be obtained at The return to nature is somehow always at the heart of choosing this lifestyle. Plus, despite the seemingly high costs – this whole transformation process is dramatically less than you would have to spend to buy a regular home.

The Advantages Of Having A Skoolie

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School buses and other out of use buses are very easy to find and buy at relatively reasonable prices. The very adaptation and transformation of one such vehicle into your home – requires some basic skills. And then, you can get your four-wheeled house very quickly. Buses like this can respond very well to every person’s needs and give you all the benefits and comforts of a classic home.

However, this kind of home will never be ordinary due to the fact that it is mobile – so you can travel anywhere along with your house. Another great advantage of these vehicles is that they are very well made. Firm tin parts and preserved structure make sure you have no problems in your future “home”. With good care and regular maintenance- they can stay in good working shape for quite a long period while the engines are very durable.

How Much Does It Cost?

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If you decide to embark on this adventure on wheels, you have to wonder about your budget. How big is the investment to buy one such bus and where can we buy them? Believe it or not, buses like this can be found at relatively affordable prices. We can usually find them on public auctions. For example, a standard 72-seat school bus can be found for as low as $ 3,000.

Individual cases have shown that such or similar buses can be found even below that price. Of course, there are also some of the more expensive ones – but the price depends on the age of a bus, the engine and tin parts state and the mileage. If you are skilled enough – a vehicle of this size can be adapted into a large living space. Of course, such a thing also requires a lot of your work, effort, but also an additional investment. Still, most people who did it – say they made a good move.

Is The Conversion Expensive?

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The fact is, this is an expensive part of working on your motorhome. It can be quite an amount of money – especially if you want to have total home-like comfort. However, the good news is that you do not have to do all the work at once – but you can work slowly and gradually on building your bus-home.

Some quite realistic estimates say you would need to invest about $ 30,000 for one DIY skoolie. This implies you have all the things you need in your new wheeled-house – including the kitchen, worktops and en-suite restroom. If you are hardworking and dedicated and have some extra structure materials – this expense can be extraordinarily diminished.

Can We Find Partially Converted Bus?

Yes – you can do it online. Many people who have embarked on this new lifestyle have tried to reduce their initial costs in this way. This way, you can find buses that already have removed seats, so you will not have to pay that cost. Instead of that, you will be able to deal with the design and layout of your new premises.

On the other hand, you can sometimes find already converted buses that are missing only some of the living space – such as a bathroom or kitchen. This kind of bus purchase will cost you a little more than usual in start (somewhere around $ 10,000) – but on the other hand, subsequent investments will be significantly reduced.

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