2018 BMW Pickup Truck Spy Photos

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Back in 2011, an M3 pickup truck has been released as a joke. Many said that they would buy such a car but BMW hasn’t said anything official about it. However, this changed a few months ago when BMW’s CEO said that they are watching the truck market closely. Considering that Mercedes will release a pickup in the near future, the rumored 2018 BMW Pickup has to be on its way. So far BMW hasn’t said anything official about it. However, currently, BMW has a really interesting relationship with Toyota. Both the Z5 and the upcoming Supra are going to be sharing the same chassis.

2018 BMW Pickup  3


Thanks to their relationship, the future BMW pickup might be sharing its platform with the new Hilux. This means that a body on frame chassis could be used. If this is going to happen then BMW will be one of the first to feature a true luxury pickup truck for the European market. However, the Hilux base is not the only rumor. Instead, the car may even go as far as being based on the same platform as the X5. If this is going to happen then the truck will become a unique offering for the European market. This would have better on-road performance than most but it would likely lack the off-road prowess of the body on frame design of the Hilux based truck.


No matter what the case would be, the 2018 BMW Pickup truck will most likely look like a true BMW. This means that in the front it might share its design with the X5 or X6. The trademark kidney grille, aggressive headlights, and even the muscular front end should be shared between the three. However, if the truck will go for a body on frame design it might be taller than its siblings. In any case, the bed is expected to not be integrated into the bed. This is because BMW would likely want to offer a great driving experience no matter what and having the bed separate from the cabin would allow for a slightly smoother ride. The bed design is still an unknown factor at this point but it is safe to assume the BMW will be quite unique.

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Even though this is going to be a truck, the usual BMW commodities are going to be offered. While many expect the 2018 BMW Pickup to be identical to the X5, it might surprise us. Because the car will be aimed at people who still need some utility in their life, the truck might offer more rugged upholstery than the usual X5. On top of that, its actual design might be more similar to that of the X3 than that of the X5 considering it is expected to be cheaper.


No matter what the case will be with its platform, the BMW pickup will most likely feature BMW-only engines. Also, considering that it will be aimed at the European market, the truck will very likely offer mostly diesel engines. The base one should get a 2 liter turbocharged inline 4 diesel offering anything between 150 and 200 horsepower. Further up the range, their 3 liters in-line 6 engine will most likely be an offering. This will definitely be one of the most powerful engines ever fitted to a European truck.

2018 BMW Pickup

This should have between 250 and 300 horsepower and more than 400 lb-ft of torque in any case. No matter the engine of choice the truck should easily be able to tow more than 3.5 tons. A manual will likely be offered as standard with rear wheel drive. All-wheel drive, as well as an automatic transmission, should also be offered as optional extras.

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