2018 Toyota C-HR News, Hybrid, Release date

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What is in your opinion currently the most anticipated car from Toyota factories? Opinions are surely different but there is one candidate that can easily take this title. Lately, out eyes have been focused on 2018 Toyota C-HR. There are plenty of speculations and details about this model thus it was easy to find information about it. Toyota announced when it is going to present it and are not keeping many details off the record. C-HR is a great concept which is coming with some innovative features you will surely love it. Okay then, these are the most important features of the C-HR.

2018 Toyota C-HR 2

2018 Toyota C-HR Review

I had a discussion with a friend of mine about upcoming C-HR a while ago. He noticed that design resembles Juke. I didn’t need to think twice about it. These two are like brothers. The front fascia has certain similarities, but rear part is almost the same. This means Toyota will definitely have an impact on future Juke sales and they might be the greatest opponents. There is one tricky thing about this concept – the name. At this point, it is uncertain whether this concept will be named C-HR or it will have another name. We’re still waiting for the official announcement by Toyota.

2018 Toyota C-HR 1


We will start with design since this is the most interesting aspect of the 2018 Toyota C-HR. It is innovative and futuristic, as you can see by yourself. The strangest feature is grilles front fascia. C-HR doesn’t have a grille in a regular sense and the front part looks quite different comparing to others. Both Xenon and LED technology are going to be integrated into headlights and daytime running lights respectively. We don’t need to tell anything else regarding the outer part, just look at the photos and enjoy.

2018 Toyota C-HR
However, when it comes to interior things are a little bit more difficult. Currently, there is no available info about the cabin. In our opinion, it will be the far cry from Juke, unlike the exterior. It will surely resemble some other Toyota’s interior, but we don’t know which one. We can only state that cabin will be equipped with cutting-edge technology and finest materials. All of us are looking forward to seeing the very first photos of the inner part and are hoping that Toyota will release them soon.

2018 Toyota C-HR Interior

Under the Hood

Two different engine variants are going to be offered to different markets. The engine will be offered depending on the customers. European variant will get a 1.2-liter turbo petrol engine while people in North America should be satisfied with a 2.0-liter unit. In our experience, we can tell that American engines are usually more powerful and less fuel efficient. European unit comes with an output of 116 horsepower while there is no data about the American variant. However, according to the latest information, there might even be a third option.
The third variant should be a hybrid engine. European unit may be combined with an electric motor and this combination should generate 122 horsepower. Toyota always tries to deliver hybrids thus this is not huge news. The first two are going to be coupled with CVT transmission system while there is no reliable info about the hybrid variant. Generally, 2018 Toyota C-HR won’t have the engine to look up to in terms of power. On the other hand, when it comes to fuel economy it should be the leader in the class. We’re still waiting for EPA rating to be released so stay tuned with us.

2018 Toyota C-HR 5

2018 Toyota C-HR Release date and Price

According to some people, we’ll see 2018 Toyota C-HR in less than a year. It’s quite likely this car will come to the market in spring 2017. The best thing about this vehicle is its price. The price should be somewhere around $30,000 which is more than reasonable.

2018 Toyota C-HR 4

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